Message to Greek Pirates

Some time ago, the Greek pirates asked to pass them a message for their convention.   We gladly joined.  The subtitles can be activated in the movie below. Arrr. Fellow Pirates.   First off: we are thankful that the Greek Pirate Party has approached us, and we imagine others, to ask us for a short[…]

“Publish MEP/Lobbyist meetings?” vote results

A vote happened a couple of days ago in the European Parliament, about the revision of the rules of procedure of the EP. One amendment (n°315) stated : “Members should publish online all scheduled meetings with interest representatives falling under the scope of the Transparency register. The Bureau shall provide for necessary infrastructure on Parliament’s webpage.” or[…]

Icelandic Pirate adventures

Today we interviewed Amy, who lived in Iceland twice at a host family for quite some time a couple of years ago. PI: How did you end up 2 times in Iceland? In my teenage years, I listened to heavy metal music and I have always wanted to go to a Scandinavian country to get[…]